Parity Media acquires Techie News

Parity Media, in its first ever takeover, has acquired Techie News – a Google News approved website – that will enable it to tread new heights in the world of online news publishing.

Parity Media already owns and operates ParityNews and ParityPortal, each with over 60k page views a month. With addition of Techie News, Parity Media will have direct access to millions of online news readers daily. Techie News publishes technology news, reviews and news analysis and has garnered tens of thousands of page views over a period of 1.5 years.

Ravi Mandalia, Director Parity Media, will be overseeing the operations of the migration activities, revamp and redesign and will act as its editor-in-chief of the news website thereafter. “Acquisition of Techie News will give Parity Media the much required acceleration that it needs to achieve its goal of being one of the most successful media companies in India. We aim to utilize our experience with different news publishing companies and give Techie News the much required revamp and makeover to bring it to today’s standards.”

Vinay Mandalia, MD Parity Media, said, “Techie News will be a nice addition to the family of portals that Parity Media own and operates. The company will now have a chance to showcase its mettle by competing directly with big banner publishing houses that currently rule online news publishing niche.” will still remain the front of Parity Media. Our readers are assured that they will get the same level of content on ParityNews as they were receiving before the acquisition. Techie News provides Parity Media with a path on which it can build a stronger road for a long-term success.

About Parity Media: Parity Media has its existence in the ever increasing need of spreading awareness about science and technology through news & news analysis both in electronic and print media. Parity Media is established with the purpose of bringing the right information to readers at the right time that is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, Parity Media owns and operates news portals like,, and Techie News, which have online presence across 166 countries with majority of the readers located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India & Germany. has been linked and referred to by some of the major news portals and websites across the globe like – Slashdot, Reddit, Fark, OSNews, BoingBoing, and The Hacker News among others.

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